About us
Haribabu Treaders - An ISO 9001:2000 certified company. A Name to recokon with in the field of Control accessories. With a decade long experience we have the determination & the foresight to offer a wide range of high quality accessories to control panel & machine manufacturers.

We at Haribabu Treaders ensure that all products are produced from high quality steel, plastic, zinc & Non-Ferrous metal. We have made an effort to enhance the aesthetics of our accessories, thereby improving the aesthetics of the end product.

Haribabu Treaders markets a wide range of locks, key, three point locks, hinges, filters, handles, cross link polyethylene, Nitrile, EPDM, Neoprene gaskets (clip on) etc., All our products are confirm to the highest international standards & designs.

From time to time we make sure we adapt our products to the changing trends and technology to suit our customers growing needs.

Haribabu Treaders also welcomes any enquiry or suggestions that would help us in developing innovating accessories which could be useful for your products.

Our motto, "Quality panel accessories for Quality conscious customers at competitive prices".

Haribabu Treaders strongly believes that Customers are the lifeline of our business.
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